Going like a Ghost

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dreams ep

„dreams ep“ by Going like a Ghost is a 5 track trip-hop inspired work that was created in times of corona virus. a perhaps pessimistic view on society and the outcomes of the crisis are the base of the 5 tracks, recorded in march 2020. „cold winter“ is some kind a very versatile track that was inspired of filmscores like in north european crime thrillers. „magicka“ is based on a sluggish hiphop beat. „répéter mon rêve“ has a 4-to-the-floor vibe with cineastic synth strings and a punchy baseline. „salega“ is an old track that i re-arranged for this ep. the -to the sun mix- is spiced with some extra synth programming while the basis of the track and its drums are floating around those synth-lines. „salomon’s vision“, the last track of the ep, has a dreamy narrative and a vocal sample from a bruce lee film and is flavored with a techno-orientated drum-kit.

Dub Renaissance EP

Dub Renaissance EP is a mixture of dub elements, primarily vocal samples and drum patterns, within an electronic music style. The tracks contain deeply arranged sound elements in order to enhance the dynamics of the songs. Dub was the first electronic genre in modern music history and many dub-versions of songs in the 1980’s were created as remixes. Going Like A Ghost’s “Dubtronix“ like release was influenced by dub as a genre by itself and also by the variety of electronic music styles that refer to dub as their sample / sound source. The five tracks on the EP focus on widely known dub elements and put together new ones into one whole. “MezzaninDub“ features “western-sound“ elements while “Triotrio“ focusses on the bassdrum and a 4-to-the-floor beat with a steady  bassline. “Madrasp“ is also a deep and techno-orientated track, which could be labelled as dubtechno. On the other hand, “Santanda“ and “Demiandub“ work more in a static manner and feature a typical triphop like beat-aesthetic. The release can be seen as a declaration of love to dub music and their representing artists. – Vocal samples on “Santanda” by Dillinger (CB 200; Island Records).”

DJ Mixes:

Insects on the wall – DJ Going like a Ghost

The mixtape is a 4-to-the-floor deep house mixtape with a versatile flow and a clean, powerful aesthetic. drink a glass of wine or play with your kids while listening… 😉

Calookan, Exorbit Ant, DJ Ridoo, Paek Namsun und nun Going like a Ghost. Hinter all diesen Synonymen steck(t)en meine Ambitionen einen guten Flow bei Publikum als auch bei mir selbst zu erzeugen. Als Disc Jockey war ich vor allem um die Jahrtausendwende aktiv, bin aber der Musik in all seinen Facetten treu geblieben. Angefangen habe ich in einem kleinen Café auf zwei Nachbauplattenspielern und einem in die Jahre gekommenen Mixer. Ich hatte infolge die Möglichkeit im Rahmen verschiedenster Club & Kultur-Veranstaltungen bei Größen wie Richard Dorfmeister, Kyoto Jazz Massive oder den Computer Jockeys im Vorprogramm aufzulegen. Am meisten Spaß haben aber unsere “eigenen” kleineren und größeren Festlichkeiten gemacht.


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