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Going like a Ghost -Dub Renaissance EP

Habe nun ein paar meiner Tracks, die ich in letzter Zeit am Computer arrangiert habe, auf Soundcloud hochgeladen.

Going like a Ghost – Dub Renaissance EP is a mixture of Dub Elements, primarily Vocal Samples and Drum Patterns within an electronic music style. The Tracks try to focus on Dub as the rythm and „groove giver“ while the rest of the tracks are deep and well arranged sound elements to enhance the dynamic of the songs. Somehow Dub was also the first electronic music genre and many Dub-Versions of songs in the 1980s were somehow first kind of remixes. This Dubtronix kind of release was influenced by Dub as a standalone music genre but was also influenced by the variety of electronic music styles that refer to dub as their sample/sound source. The five tracks on the EP try to focus on those wide known dub elements but also put new elements of styles to one piece together. The track „MezzaninDub“ has somekind a „western-sound“ style within it while the track „Triotrio“ is more focused on the bassdrum and somehow a techno arranged song with a steady and punchy bassline. „Madrasp“ is also a very deep and techno-orientated track and can be labeled as dubtechno while tracks like „Santanda“ and „Demiandub“ are more static and have a more typical triphop beat-aesthetic. The tracks of the release can be seen as a declaration of love to that music genre and the artists behind it.